What to Do After an Arrest

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The sudden jolt that grips your heart when you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror can quickly shock you into a state of panic. When your traffic stop results in a DUI arrest, it may endanger your driving privileges, your finances, and your freedom. Learning what to do before, during, and after an allegation of driving under the influence can go a long way to ensure your rights are protected.

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At Travis G. Black & Associates, our lead Folsom DUI attorney is also a retired law enforcement officer. During his law enforcement career, he wrote literally thousands of DUI reports. He knows exactly how to interpret official police reports and what tactics law enforcement will use to justify a DUI arrest. Our lead lawyer understands how erroneous police reports and blood alcohol content (BAC) tests can be. He is ready to deliver the hard-hitting representation you need to challenge your DUI allegations.

Remember These Tips When You Are Pulled Over

When it comes to drunk drivers, California takes a very hard stance. In fact, law enforcement is not above using methods to trick suspected individuals into incriminating themselves. While we hope you never encounter such a traumatic situation, knowing how to protect your rights once you have been pulled over can make all of the difference in the outcome of your case.

If you are pulled over for suspicion of a DUI, here's what you need to know:

  • Don't talk too much: Don't divulge any information other than your name and insurance carrier. Don't answer any questions such as "Have you been drinking?" or "How many drinks have you had?" Doing so will only incriminate you. Don't try to plead your case with the officer. He or she is only concerned with making an arrest and nothing else.
  • Politely refuse the field sobriety test: These tests are designed to implicate you and are extremely subjective. Even a completely sober gymnast would have a difficult time passing them, let alone a nervous individual on an uneven road with traffic passing.
  • Don't consent to a search of your vehicle: If they have to ask, it means they don't think they have probable cause to do so.
  • Do consent to the BAC test: Chances are if you are being asked to take a chemical BAC test, you will be arrested regardless of the outcome. Refusing to submit to the test automatically results in 48 hours in jail and a 1-year suspension of your driver's license on top of any other penalties. Whatever the reading, a skilled DUI defense attorney can challenge the validity of the results later.
  • Don't run or resist arrest in any way: Regardless of your innocence, trying to evade law enforcement or displaying any type of aggressive behavior can only serve to agitate the arresting officer. Stay calm and courteous at all times.
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Once you are arrested, notify law enforcement that you wish to exercise your right to legal counsel and call Travis G. Black & Associates immediately! We are available day or night to take your call. We can deliver the dynamic representation you need to protect your freedoms and your future.

California DMV only provides a 10-day window to contest the suspension of your driver's license!

The countdown begins the instant you are arrested and includes holidays and weekends. If you have already been arrested and released, it is vital that you contact us today at (916) 962-2896. We offer passionate advocacy for each and every stage of your court proceedings.

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